We put your priority audiences at the heart of your decision-making, shedding new light on their experiences, views, feelings and behaviours. We spot the pivotal truths that unlock new thinking.

We have a broad armoury of techniques – from the traditional to the cutting-edge - to get closer to the people that matter most to your organization. Quantitative, qualitative, deliberative or ethnographic: every approach is rigorous and brilliantly designed, fielded and facilitated. We bring fresh thinking to every challenge, but we avoid the pitfalls of innovation for its own sake.

While we love conducting research with mainstream consumers and the general public, we’re also great at reaching niche or vulnerable audiences, be they MPs on a particular select committee, the 1% of prostate cancer patients aged under 50, or affluent users of uncommon financial services products.

We get to great insight by combining these craft skills with outstanding thinking. We have the experience, expertise and creativity to identify the pivotal truths that unlock the winning argument, the competitive edge, or the breakthrough proposition.


Reputation audit
Brand development & positioning
Territory and frame identification
Issue analysis
Service user/customer experience
Policy, product and service development
Creative development
Competitor audit
Programme evaluation


Focus groups
Depth interviews
Opinion former interviewing
Stakeholder audit (multi-method)
Ethnography (mobile self-ethnography, participant observation)
Online research communities
Quantitative polls & surveys (online; telephone; face-to-face; postal)
Segmentation studies
Regression and key driver analysis
Conjoint and MaxDiff analysis
Inferred attitude testing
Deliberative workshops, citizens juries, citizen summits
Persuasion groups & conflict groups