At moments of challenge and change, it’s vital to bring your key audiences with you. We help you build stronger relationships with colleagues, stakeholders, clients and customers.

Whether it’s about making great ideas better, or securing permission to act, speak, build, or transform, great engagement always involves open conversations that start before decisions are made, and involves the widest range of voices: residents, businesses, customers, colleagues, communities and pressure groups.

Our founding partners were pioneers of deliberative approaches in the UK, and we continue to lead the way in meaningful engagement: we’ve brought the MD of a global energy company together with local influencers in the communities where they operate; we’ve gathered 250 stakeholders in a tent on a hill to set strategy for a new National Park; we’ve involved local residents in the planning for a new garden city; and we’ve brought colleagues and customers together to cascade a new brand through a multi-national organisation.

Stakeholder mapping that challenges your thinking about who matters; co-creation that brings your brand evangelists into your innovation process; purposeful outreach that amplifies quieter and less strident voices; and structured approaches that shift a debate from a pitched battle, to a search for a mutually agreed way forward. We offer a suite of techniques that help identify and involve those who feel supportive of your plans; secure a fair hearing from those who are undecided; and present fair challenge to those who need to be convinced.


Formal consultation
Infrastructure/development engagement
Product launches and changes
Policy implementation and service change
Participatory decision-making and budgeting
Social permission issues
Co-creation & idea generation
Policy stress-testing


Citizens Juries, deliberative workshops and summits
Stakeholder engagement
Evangelist/early-adopter innovation
Co-creation (stakeholder and customer/service user)
Local community engagement
Town hall debates
On-street consultation
Charettes and community design
Online communities
Surveys and polls