Influence opinion, change behaviour, win the argument. No matter the challenge, we pinpoint the messaging, tone of voice, words, images and spokespeople to deliver the greatest impact.

Great campaigns start from where your audience are, not where you wish they were. They take account of the competitive environment, ruthlessly positioning the debate on the most resonant territory. And they deploy the details of language, tone and messenger that most effectively influence and persuade.

Forged in the unforgiving world of first-past-the-post politics, and honed in the corporate and public policy arenas, we use a powerful suite of quantitative and qualitative approaches to develop and test communications that influence your key audiences, cutting through the competing claims for their attention.

Whether your challenge is to sway opinion, change behaviour, or win an argument, we combine fresh insight with decades of experience to help you identify your resonant territory; craft your story and messaging; and select the precise words, images and spokespeople to deliver greatest impact.


Behaviour change campaigns
Marketing concept & creative testing
Issue framing
Territory identification
Brand positioning & corporate identity
Narrative, campaign & message development
Tone of voice
Crisis management
Rebuttal messaging
Speech writing
Spokesperson selection


Political-style message polling
Message-testing groups
Persuasion & conflict groups
Statistical techniques (e.g. turf analysis, conjoint, max. diff, regression/key driver analysis)
Sentiment analysis
In-context qualitative testing
Stakeholder/colleague communications testing