Young Adults and Money Management | A Report for the Money Advice Service

January 15, 2018

This report looks at how young adults transitioning from education into employment manage their money. The insights (from four workshops and a quantitative poll conducted with 16-25 year olds) give a richer understanding of how young adults engage with their finances, and what would help them to do this more effectively.

It finds that while young adults know they should be proactive in managing their money, they often lack the knowledge of how to go about doing this. They would welcome actionable tips on money management, particularly about using credit and investments, to help them manage their money well in the context of their busy lives.  

You can read the full report, watch the video and access the data tables from the quantitative poll below. 

Young Adults And Money Management Final PDF Young Adults And Money Management Tables Final PDF Young Adults And Money Management Presentation Final PDF