Social housing in England after Grenfell | A report for Shelter

January 10, 2019

The social housing sector in England has seen great change in recent decades. The supply of social housing has drastically declined as a proportion of England’s housing makeup; yet demand remains high. There have been substantive legislative reforms in recent years. And the shocking events at Grenfell Tower serve as a powerful symbol of the need for a conversation about how we as a society think about and value social housing.

As England’s leading voice for people who are homeless or in poor housing, Shelter has appointed a social housing commission, the aim of which is to develop a series of recommendations for the future of social housing. To ensure that the commission had a detailed understanding of the experiences and priorities of social housing tenants, Shelter commissioned BritainThinks to conduct a programme of research. This research aimed to:  

  1. Develop a picture of the realities of living in social housing that tenants themselves would recognise; 
  2. Understand perceptions of social housing and its role in wider society; and 
  3. Work with tenants to develop a set of priorities and recommendations for the future of social housing in the UK. 

This report summarises the research findings. 

BritainThinks final report for Shelter