Shaping the Square: Imagining the future of Grosvenor Square | A report for Grosvenor Britain and Ireland

October 26, 2017

BritainThinks was commissioned to conduct research into what Londoners want from public squares and spaces. Grosvenor Britain & Ireland has published a 20 year vision to transform its London estate and tackle the pressures facing the capital.

With London's rapid growth, Grosvenor wants its estate in Mayfair and Belgravia to work harder for its communities and all Londoners by adapting - with better streets, greener spaces and more active and enterprising places that appeal to the many, not just to the few.

It called for new partnerships between public and private sectors, and with those who live and work on the estate, to bring about this change.

Underlining its early commitment to this vision, the research BritainThinks has conducted has been used to open a public call for ideas to make Grosvenor Square, one of London’s largest green spaces - and larger than Trafalgar Square - 'a great garden square for Londoners' fit for the 21st century. More information can be found here and you can find the full report below. 

Shaping The Square Full Report 261017 PDF