Getting a good deal on a low income | A report for CMA

December 19, 2018

In September 2018, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) commissioned BritainThinks to undertake qualitative research with consumers on low incomes, with and without additional vulnerabilities. This was conducted as part of the CMA’s programme of work on vulnerable consumers, to inform its understanding of the challenges that such consumers can face in engaging with markets, including telecommunications, energy, insurance and credit.

Specifically, the research has been designed:

·       To gain insight into the lives of vulnerable consumers and their experiences within and across markets: including their engagement across different markets, their specific needs and challenges they face and how this may vary both by market and by different groups of vulnerable consumers.

·       To understand vulnerable consumers’ engagement and ability to get a good deal in different markets: are vulnerable consumers switching or negotiating with their suppliers and, if not, what is preventing them from doing so?

·       To test potential solutions and identify effective ways for overcoming the challenges vulnerable consumers face: what would make experiences of using and navigating markets better for these consumers?

This report summarises the key findings of the research.

CMA Getting A Good Deal On A Low Income Final PDF