Ethnographic research into the reality of living in fuel poverty

May 21, 2015

BritainThinks was commissioned by Centrica Plc to explore the reality of living in fuel poverty, with a view to identifying ways of helping people in fuel poverty access the support they need. Using in-home and mobile ethnographic approaches, we achieved a holistic understanding of people’s situations, including the pressure points that they face day-to-day, and real-time accounts of their experiences looking for support that might help them. Our approach gave us a rich and visual account of what it means to live in fuel poverty. As well as the content uploaded by participants via their mobile phones, we filmed the in-home ethnography sessions so that we could illustrate our findings in a true-to-life, compelling way. By understanding the range of different experiences of living in fuel poverty, this research helped to identify the most effective ways of enabling people to access available support. We explored the real and perceived barriers to accessing support and were able to identify a number of ways of improving communications and creating a more effective support network. You can watch the full thematic film below.

Video link