Swing Seat Spotlight: Election 2017 - The Voters' Perspective | A BritainThinks Presentation

June 08, 2017

BritainThinks is collaborating with the Guardian on a project to see the 2017 General Election through voters' eyes. 

Using an innovative combination of online research methods and more traditional face-to-face research approaches, we are aiming to get under the skin of undecided voters in six key constituencies – Glasgow East, Wells, Birmingham Erdington, Harrow West, Cambridge and Hartlepool - to understand how much (and what) they have noticed, and what (if anything) has cut through. You can access the Guardian's coverage here

In this presentation, we summarise the 6 key things we have learned from the research - and what they mean for the election. 

Ge2017 The Voters Perspective 170608 PDF