BritainThinks/The Guardian: Battleground Britain

April 09, 2015

Battleground Britain is a unique collaboration between BritainThinks and The Guardian ahead of the General Election in May. Described as one of the least predictable in living memory, we believe that it is not one election battleground but many. With the static, national poll results obscuring the complex and diverse stories in each constituency, it's more important than ever to understand what lies behind the numbers.That's why we've convened panels of undecided voters in five key constituencies across the UK. As the election campaign unfolds, we're going to be conducting qualitative and ethnographic tracking research to understand how these swing voters are feeling about the election, what they're noticing of the campaign, and the factors that will impact on how they vote in May. We're running several focus groups with each panel and arming our panelists with a smartphone app to keep 'election diaries', as they go about their daily lives amid the din of the TV debates, canvassing and 24-hour news coverage.

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