BritainThinks Breakfast Briefing | The public mood and the NHS

August 22, 2018

To mark its 70th anniversary, BritainThinks compiled our knowledge on public perceptions of the NHS, as well as conducting new research with voters, to reveal the state of public opinion. 

Five key themes have emerged from this research: 

- The public mood is characterised by gloom and uncertainty  

- This national pessimism extends to attitudes towards health and social care services with rising levels of concern about both

- Despite rising concern, there is considerable resistance to change within the NHS. In particular, changes to access points are a key red line

- It looks as though there may be increasing appetite for a rise in taxation to fund the NHS. And there are indications that public priorities are shifting

- Labour retain their traditional lead over the Conservatives. But this is largely the result of being seen as the best of a bad bunch, rather than trust in their stewardship

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