BritainThinks Breakfast Briefing | The Brexit Diaries: The Second Anniversary of the EU Referendum

June 13, 2018

To mark two years since the EU referendum, BritainThinks has conducted new qualitative and quantitative research with swing voters, which reveals the state of public opinion on Brexit. 

Five key themes have emerged from this research: 

1. Brexit is not a front of mind concern, and swing segments have disengaged from it. Very few feel that they have heard anything about Brexit recently, and are not actively reassessing their views on it.

2. Concern about Brexit going badly centres on the length of time it is taking, rather than the progress of the negotiations. Swing voters cannot understand what is taking so long, and suspect that there are some seeking to slow down and eventually prevent Brexit.

3. Swing voters know very little about a "no deal" scenario and aren't worried about it. There is confusion about what a "no deal" would mean, with some seeing it as a potential positive. 

4. There are mixed views on a vote at the end of the process. About half of the public say they think there should be a vote on the final Brexit deal, although this appears to be more a tolerance for the idea rather than a burning desire for it.

5. Theresa May's reputation is heavily Brexit dependent, Jeremy Corbyn's is not. Voters are at a loss about Labour's position on Brexit, and judge Corbyn on other issues.

The findings are based on new qualitative research of two focus groups with swing segments in Slough. The statistics included here are based on a nationally representative sample of 2,078 GB adults aged 18+. 

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