BritainThinks Brexit Diaries | Press Release December 2018

December 17, 2018

New qualitative and quantitative research from BritainThinks indicates shifts in public opinion on Brexit – with a decrease in the strongest supporters of Brexit and an increase in the most pro-Remain audiences.


In early 2017, BritainThinks conducted its Brexit Diaries research among 48 Remain voters and 52 Leave voters to understand the attitudes of the British public as the Brexit process continued. We then followed this diary exercise with a nationally representative survey of the British public. Our initial research indicated that there were four types of people on Brexit:

We have updated this research at numerous intervals over the last two years. This latest piece of research includes a nationally representative survey of 2,092 British adults and a qualitative diary project with 26 of our original ‘Brexit Diarists’.

Key Findings: 

1. The size of the ‘Devastated Pessimists’ group (the most pro-Remain of our EU segments) has increased since June 2018; at the same time, the size of the ‘Die-hard’ segment (the most pro-Leave segment) has decreased.
2. There is still little consensus among the public on the future impact of Brexit, with the vast majority of ‘Die-hards’ saying Britain will be more in control of its sovereignty in 3 years’ time, while ‘Devastated Pessimists’ are convinced of the opposite and also think it will bring economic calamity.
3. About half of the public say that they are concerned about a no-deal Brexit – consistent with June 2018.
4. Views are negative toward the Government’s performance in Brexit negotiations and are slightly more negative when the deal is referred to as ‘Theresa May’s’.
5. Support for a public vote on the deal has dropped slightly relative to June 2018.

Brexit Diaries December 2018 Update Press Release Final For Public Use PDF Brexit Diaries December 2018 Update Tables Final For Public Use PDF