Brexit Diaries: New research shows last year's remain vote splintering across the political parties | BritainThinks

June 05, 2017

New research by BritainThinks highlights how attitudes towards Brexit are interacting with voting intention ahead of the General Election. 

Earlier this year, our Brexit Diaries research with 52 Leavers and 48 Remainers across the UK established that a Leave vs Remain distinction is too simplistic, and that it is more useful to think about four different types of people on Brexit (die-hards, cautious optimists, accepting pragmatists and devastated pessimists). 

This new research, an online survey of a nationally representative sample of 2,038 GB adults aged 18+, finds that the Conservative vote share is heavily reliant on die-hard voters - but that the Remain vote has splintered across the political parties. A majority (55%) of devastated pessimists plan to vote Labour, and the Liberal Democrats are struggling to get any traction among this group with the promise of a second referendum.

For more information, please contact Tom Clarkson, Associate Director at BritainThinks, via or on 0207 8455880. You can read more about the research below: 

Britain Thinks Brexit Diaries Election Press Release 02 06 17 PDF